Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Esoteric

The exoteric aspect of my ecstatic naturalism is (reasonably) well known but its deeper esoteric core remains just that, esoteric and largely hidden.  It is not hidden by design or from a desire for secrecy or some cultish need for secret teachings, rather, the issue has been that of finding the categories and metaphors that can link these seemingly contrary dimensions.  Part of the task of my work-in-progress, Pansophia, is to find and strengthen just such bridges.  For example, how do the linked concepts of personal subjective immortality and reincarnation correlate to the analysis of the finitude of the human process as it negotiates its way between finitude and transcendence within the innumerable orders of nature on 'this' side of so-called death?  Or, can mystical experience bring us closer to the heart-beat of nature naturing than can so-called ordinary experience?  Or, yet again, are there extra-human beings (modes of differently embodied consciousness) who can aid us in finding wholeness 'within' this 'dimension' of nature?  Or, which is more ontologically primary, heterogeneity or homogeneity, or is there another possibility as yet unthought?  Can the selving process, which we are, become open to what has been called "astral realities" on the nether side of normal sense experience?  And if so, how can one learn to distinguish between delusion and reality?  As you surely note, working all of this out will take time and unending care in using both ordinal phenomenology and horizonal hermeneutics.